Sunday, April 8, 2012

Young Buck Bankrupt

We’ve all heard some of the stories about Young Bucks legal problems. In a recent interview with Whoo Kid he admitted that he would be up for reuniting with G-Unit. This came as a shock somewhat. I say somewhat because whenever any entertainer has legal issues or faces going broke they have the “I found religion experience”. Well Buck didn’t find God but he is seeing the light. He says he’s in negotiations right now with 50 Cent about working together again. Buck was kicked out of G-Unit in 2008 but remained in debt to the label which he refused to record for. He started Cashville Records but was hit with a $10 Million lawsuit by 50 Cent for breach of contract by releasing material on another label. Young Buck was forced to file for bankruptcy 2 years ago when he racked up $300,000 in IRS debt. On May 14th, the IRS will liquidate all of Young Bucks music, trademarks, copyrights, licenses and royalties. So you can a piece of Young Buck’s business. That’s the true meaning of “passing the Buck”.

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  1. Young buck owes child support, the IRS, and supposedly, $10 million dollars to 50 Cent & his G-Unit label (business is business, you know) with whom he is engaged in a dispute over his contract. Last thing I heard from David Darnell Brown is that he ordered the case to be converted from a Chapter 11 reorganization to Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy. I hope he’d be able to get his act together soon.

    Allan Morais