Monday, April 16, 2012

Kanye Needs A Better Remedy

It seems Theraflu was the cause and cure no more. After Ye' dropped the dope track "Theraflu" a few weeks ago, the company Theraflu didn't take too kindly of the use of their name. What's funny is that as controversial as Kanye can be he never said anything derogatory about "Theraflu". The track was dope and quite humorous for slick lyrical delivery. It was creating controversy for the comments about respecting Wiz and getting Jay to drop Kris Humphries from the Nets. If anything, Theraflu sales might have gone up considerably just for the name being mentioned all over hip hop and the world. Hell it was a big topic of conversation on Kathy Lee and Hoda. Don't get it twisted, my girl watches that (LMBAO). Right now Theraflu looks like the Therafool. Meanwhile, Kanye West is enjoying the extra publicity while thinking of a new title before he releases it.

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